great googly moogly!

And, it's supposed to keep snowing all day today.
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Update: Forecast is for continued snow thru Saturday night. Eeeesh.


Former NoVa Resident said...

How many flats of bottled water/loaves of bread/jillion-packs of toilet paper did you buy as soon as the panic set in?

jraphael said...

What you wish for be careful.

(Word verification: tpnye. Acronym of pre-snowstorm grocery list: toilet paper, ny times, Evian.)

Bram said...

Well, there's hype around an impending snow, but not the sense of Panic! we'd get in NoVa. Plus, even the optimists thought this would only be a couple inches of wet snow. As of the 2:00 MST news on the local radio, they had 12" at their station, south end of town (which probably means about double that at the ski basin).

Did walk to the grocery store, though, to make sure that we were outfitted in style for the next couple days. Probably busier than the average Friday afternoon (though maybe not for a pre-holiday weekend) and certainly nothing like the Cherrydale Safeway before a storm.

I, however, neglected to bring Raph's essentials list.

andy said...

w ehad flurries for the first time. NH got snow about a month ago but it melted. We're suppose to go north for a long weekend in three weeks. Not much hope for a weekend of snow shoeing and xc skiing. More like outlet shopping and a long day at the brew pub.

Liz said...

I say it's all good. Nothing wrong with beer and shopping. But what order should we do it in?