okay, enough about the weather, already!

It continued to snow for the rest of the day yesterday. Around noon, I cleaned off my car and went for a little walk out the arroyo in back. Climbed up to get a better view. That's facing south, with the end of our two-tone apartment complex and the condos beyond in the middle ground.

Meanwhile, Bram borrowed the office digital camera, and took a bunch of shots of the "downtown" area, including this one of the Plaza.

Dusk, with the string of Christmas lights on our balcony railing making a neat snow lantern effect.

This morning: sunny. The Throckmorton gauge, and the same view from the balcony as yesterday (note the now-visible mountains in the background).

Total damage: 6 to 10 inches in town, 38 inches up at the Santa Fe ski area. I-25 between the Raton Pass and the Colorado border has now reopened.

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