Christmas! Cookies, candy, dried fruit, clementines, lebkuchen, stollen, and cardamom sticky buns (I managed not to burn them this year) for breakfast. After opening presents...


... we went down to Cochiti Pueblo to watch the dances. Joa was already there, bundled up, sitting with her back up against a post, to get the full bass-in-your-chest effect from the drums. After a while Janie and Amelia showed up, and we watched three rounds of dances (there are two groups of drummers and dancers that alternate). Left cookies (from us) and maple syrup (from M+J) with them, before heading back. Posole for dinner. More cookies and candy for dessert.

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jraphael said...

Rachel Ray? Humbly suggest Giana and her "Everyday Italian." She cooks, in oh, so many ways.

Word Verification, with seasonal applicability: "Yes, vcgnw, there is a Santa Claus."