So, as early as Friday, then, there was buzz about the big storm coming this way. The one that hit the Pacific Northwest so hard. By Monday morning, there was already a Winter Storm Warning starting that night at 5:00 and continuing on until 5:00 Wednesday morning.

Following weather.com during the day, they had a 50% chance of snow by around 5:00 and 100% by 4:00 Tuesday morning. Around noon, a snow storm kicked up, raising alarms and hopes. Then it went away. Continued gray and overcast, but none of the promised precipitation.

So the mini saber tournament at NMFF moved ahead. It's my regular fencing night, so I figured I'd join in, despite not having done electric saber except for that one demo about 8 or 9 years ago and never having had a lesson. A few of the kids competing also had no real experience either. There were a few experienced saber fencers plus the coach also, for a total of eight. We did a round robin to seed, then a direct elimination. I finished last, despite having won two in the round robin. The wrong two, I guess.

(Neither of those is me; I was photographing)

It was a good time and a good workout. And when it wrapped up around 9:30, there was no snow.

When I woke up at 5:30 and had to know, there was no snow.

And when we got up in the morning, still no snow, just gray and cloudy. But the radio news insisted it was going to snow later, maybe 4-8" even. But the afternoon came with just low clouds over the mountains.

So the snow watch continued, but I was despairing, feeling lied to. News came in that Albuquerque was getting snow. At one point, a co-worker's desktop weather.com said it was snowing outside, but we could see otherwise.

Then at 4:00 it started. Pretty hard. By 6:00 or so it had tapered off. Now weather.com says it'll clear up tonight and be 50ยบ tomorrow and our local TV station is saying that we'll get hit some more before the day ends.

But for now:

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