Weekend With Andy In Review

Andy arrived, a bit later than planned, but none the worse for wear Thursday afternoon. And ready to eat everywhere we've written about in the blog.

Started at The Shed, with the briefing on "red or green". Quickly walked the surrounding couple blocks and through the Plaza, then headed home, where we proceeded to stay up way, way too late.

Friday morning came early, but started slowly. We eventually worked our way to Santa Fe Baking Company for breakfast burritos. And then hit the road for Tent Rocks (we'd last been with Paul, Tess, Trish, and Audrey, but Monica didn't have the chance to make it up to the top of the mesa).

It was busy on the trails. It's not a big park, so busy's a relative term. But odd on a Friday in March.

Back home for some relaxation, then out to Cowgirl. Though I was the only one that went with the barbeque. That night, again, ended too late.

In the morning, we were up early to beat the crowds at CafĂ© Pasquale's. Which it seems we needn't have worried about — even got our own table, not seats at the communal one. Kinda sad about that, actually; the communal table's a fun experience. Kicked around downtown Santa Fe for a while, the favorite shops. And ducked into St. Francis Cathedral. Hit the comic shop, and then we were off to Los Alamos.

A short hike at Tsankawi, which, based on our last trip there, we thought would be a nice, low-effort, high-reward trip. And it really was, with storms off in the distance all around us.

Then I dragged everone off to the Los Alamos Historical Society. I love this. It's like a small town historical society, except in this case it's following the history of the atomic age.

Coming down off "The Hill," those distant storms were making a rainbow or two (click for larger image):

For dinner, we headed to Bert's La Taqueria, on, as it turns out, their last night in that location. Some friends were throwing a party, so we spent some time there. We pulled ourselves out of bed early on Sunday, to make sure we had time to get breakfast at The Pantry and then get Andy back to Albuquerque in time for his noon flight. Which was all going well, with plenty of time to sit back with another cup of coffee...then I looked at the clock and wondered why the one on the wall said 9:55 — and mine said 8:55. A consultation with the woman behind the register cofirmed that, yes, indeed, Daylight Savings was last night.

It was a quick dash to the airport, but he made it out without a problem.

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andy said...

As always, thanks for the great hosting duties all.

Rainbow photo is awesome, but doesn't due justice to what we saw. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen.