Another Sunday Afternoon in Santa Fe

Bike weather!

Headed out around noon to downtown and the Plaza. First errand: the library. Which doesn't open until 1 on Sundays. So, to the mailbox outside the Post Office, then to the comic shop to pick up the Lulu Eightball that we'd loaned to Sam.

Biking down Grant Avenue, kind of a side residential/business street, I catch something in my peripheral vision — an honest-to-goodness gray squirrel darting across the street. In a move that may explain why we don't see many of them here, it spots me when it's halfway across the road, and then proceeds to head straight for my bike. I kind of weave, and it was a near miss (or it might've even bounced off my back tire). I know I wasn't imagining this, as a pedestrian said something about it as I went by.

Continuing on the way, across from the Department of Labor, next to the skate park, right by where they're storing the heavy equipment for the road construction, ran across a dance. I won't put my ignorance on display by even trying to guess what culture; it was pounding drums, gourd ankle "bells," and some amazing clothing and headresses. Maybe 20 or so people were around watching.


As it turns out, they may have been affiliated with the March for Justice and Equality protesting the recent immigration legislation (or maybe not, as they were back right after leading the march), which started at a nearby church and worked its way to the Cathedral for a rally.

After a few hours biking around downtown — convincing me even more that it's the only way to get around there — headed back. And faced The Hill. The bike machine helped me keep in shape, but still, there's no preparing for that.


Sherry said...

Bram, the pictures of the dancers are fantastic! Such vibrant colors, thank you for carrying a camera and for sharing!

Bram said...

Great to hear from you again, Sherry. We hope to be bringing you photos of Paul, Tess, and Audrey when they pass through town this week.

Hope all's well in Arlington; best to everyone!

Sherrygard@aol.com said...

Not that I need an excuse to check in on your blog, but will be double sure to do so now. Give them all big hugs for me!

Mouse Jockey said...

Great photos!!! The contrast between your spring and mine is striking. Right now I am knee deep in pollen and it is supposed to rain all weekend. Sure is purty though. : ]

monica said...

Mouse jockey! Nice one Simone!
(...though I always preferred "pixel pusher," myself)

Congrats on the blog! and dang! now another one I have to read. :)