fictional character accepted to our alma mater

From the folks who send me alumni emails:

Alex Doonesbury gets into RIT
Tech whiz ponders what's next: RIT, Cal Tech, RPI...maybe Harvard

RIT has made national news again...Today's Doonesbury features Alex Doonesbury getting accepted into RIT, RPI, Cal Tech and Harvard. Alex is a technology whiz and daughter of the comic strip's title character.

Will RIT be her final choice? Stay tuned.

RIT would be an excellent choice for Alex, who received a perfect score on her SAT exams, holds five patents and is planning a career in engineering. Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau has said he is using RIT in the comic strip "because it's one of the premier institutes of technology."

Oy. I wonder if he says that to all the tech schools? I guess the RIT flacks don't remember Trudeau calling RIT "a bit geek-heavy" last October.

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