April Showers

Spent the early part of the week in Hickory, North Carolina (about an hour north of Charlotte) — more on that later, but briefly, it's going to take the place of the quarterly trip to Milwaukee. During our one day there, there were at least three small thunderstorms, which made the locals happy because they've been having a drought.

I awoke Friday morning to low, dark gray clouds that, anywhere else, would indicate a heckuva storm brewing. But, what with this being the desert and all, it really just meant a few scattered showers throughout the day. They continued into the evening and through the night — and Saturday morning the ground was wet, there was some humidity in the air, and a bit of snow still on the ground.

Clouds obscured the mountains pretty much until the afternoon, revealing snow up there when they cleared.


dj lil'e said...

What were you doing in Hickory? That's where some of my peeps are from - both of my mom's parents went to Hickory High!!!!

Bram said...

Hickory is the location for the new printer for our quarterly publication at work. The big printing conglomorate shut down the plant in Milwaukee.

It was a really brief trip — arrived late Monday night, spent Tuesday at the plant (and getting lunched, incl. sweet tea), departed before sunrise on Wednesday.

I'll be spending some time there every three months, so if you've got suggestions, let me know.