pimping myself

Well, there's this site called Threadless, to which people submit designs for t-shirts. If a submitted design proves popular enough, it gets printed, and offered for sale. I bought Bram this one a couple of months ago.

Decided to submit a design myself, and it's been accepted for voting... so, click on the little spiraly graphic thingus. Voting lasts a week; if you like it, vote for it! I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: All the teenage girls hated on it so much, voting was closed after 24 hours! Guess I don't have the same taste as 15-year-old trolls. Thank god.


Mouse Jockey said...

You should start a "Threadless for Adults" because I thought your design was really cool and simple and is totally something I would wear, The T-shirts on that site were fun but definitely for a different age group. No offense to Bram. ; ]

monica said...

hey, I had to get him that squirrel shirt! it totally rocks! or, er, it totally NUTS!

dj lil'e said...

dude. I would totally wear that.

monica said...

thanks, e!