too short visit

Well, P+T and Audrey got here last Tuesday afternoon, and left last Friday. Hardly even 3 days in town. It was great seeing them, as always, but it was not long enough. We didn't get to hang out with them much during the day, it being weekdays: had dinner with them Tuesday (takeout from Blue Corn Cafe), Wednesday (at Zia Diner), and breakfast at Santa Fe Baking Company on Friday morning:

Thursday day they made it up to Bandelier, and had a work dinner with local St. Mary's alumni, back at Blue Corn that night.

Paul called us from the road Saturday, around 5:00 pm, to tell us that they were about 20 miles from home and that it was raining. Come back soon! We miss you!


Paul said...


We had a great time in Santa Fe, again. Thank you for your hospitality.

Next time we will stay longer and have less work stuff do to, promise!

Ohana DeGeest

Liz said...

I get it! "Ohana means family" - Lilo & Stitch
Good thing I have kids who love Disney movies or I'd totally be in the dark.

Audrey looks so cute and she's getting so big!

Bram said...

Thanks for explaining, so this Haoli didn't have to do the research . . .