Yesterday, five of us from the comic group ran a workshop up at the teen center in Española. It was kind of a sequel to one that a few of the folks had run last year. Turnout wasn't quite as high as the last one (I understand), but it was a committed group. We talked for a bit, showed some examples, and turned them loose. They all had different approaches and a range of ideas, so we just offered assistance where we could. The whole thing was a great time, and ran about an hour longer than it was scheduled to, so we headed out just before 5.

Friday, the group had kind of (we later found out how vague it was) been invited to participate in a gallery opening at Feral Gallery on Saturday night. Feral is the new form of Skeleton Art (which we've blogged about before), in a new, big warehouse space (at least temporarily). The show opened at 6, we showed up around 530 to some folks who had no idea we were going to be there and weren't quite sure what to do with us. But we brought our own table and stuff, so they gave us a spot over by the "lounge" area in the gallery. The space itself was really once a warehouse, big and open and wall space for a lot of art — great, but a bit cold. We stuck around for a few hours before turning it over to a couple other people in the group. Turns out, it was a great venue — made a respectable number of sales, talked to a whole bunch of interested folks, made friends with the dog that showed up later in the evening and circled the cheese plates.

Laura Brink, who we first saw at the first incarnation of Skeleton Art, didn't have any work hanging. But Jett pointed out to us that she did have a small piece (really, just a couple inches square) in the silent auction. We kind of spent the evening returning back to it, watching the lack of bids. Should we put one in? Wait 'til we're ready to go? It just gets bid up at the last moment anyway . . . . So, as we were on our way out, stopped by; there was one bid. Eh, we decided, let's put in one for a little more. Probably will get outbid at the end of the evening. But, a call today, we got it — the first piece of art we've bought since moving here.

And Monica met her while staffing the table.

Back home earlier than we should probably admit to.

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jraphael said...

Uh oh---you're buying local art now. Sounds like roots are growing...