the law of conservation of matter

Shortly before we left Arlington, we put in a huge dry cleaning order at Bergmann's, mostly sweaters. Admittedly, we were cutting it a bit close, with our pickup date just a few days before the movers were to show up. Well, when we went to pick up our stuff, there were three sweaters missing. Three of Bram's sweaters. We returned several times in the remaining days before the move, but still no sweaters. All we could do was leave our new address — so that they could ship to us — with the semi-literate front desk staff and drive to Santa Fe. Over the summer and fall, our dear friend Miz P (who is having troubles of her own with Bergmann's) has been checking for us — still nothing.

I called Bergman's HQ around the end of October, spoke to customer service (not the front desk staff) and they were able to help me retrieve the tracking and lot numbers (reciepts were long gone) and interceded with the troglodytes who run the big carousel-o-clothes out front. There were two calls made, the sweaters were declared, at various points, missing, delivered, and picked up, but were finally located. Grunty the Wonderclerk actually had the sweaters in her hands, and proved it by describing them to me in her own... um... words. In my excitement, I agreed to have them ship to us. This was November 11. Upon further reflection, I became less and less confident they would do it. I should have told them to expect a visit from Miz. P. But all's well that ends well. Arrived today; made very welcome:

PS: Miz P. the number for B'sHQ is 703.247.7600. Make sure you talk to customer service and whatever you do, don't let them transfer you to the front.


Ms. P said...

Oh my! What incredible determination, perseverance, persistence, doggedness, and just good ol' patience on your part. Yahoo! Re: the Tibeten rug was declared 'lost' by Mr. Bergman himself, or one of the Bergmans, and he eventually paid up. AFTER I contacted BBB, 7 On Your Side, and had an official estimate from a Tibetan rug dealer in the US who came up with a replacment value using only photos where Cleo and Cairo were resting on the rug after their operations! Ms. P

monica said...

You know, I was looking at that photo of the girls just the other day! Miss you!