Amonorzo update

Over the past months, Amonorzo has been downgraded to my "intermittent" bookmark folder. Every once in a while I'd pull it up and add another comment to his/her last post (it was up to 8 or 9 last I checked). Today, I went there, and all the posts had been deleted, except for the very first one! AAAAGH! All my wheedling and cajoling, and random blathering, and oh! that haiku I left there on Halloween! All gone! Deb's nice comment, too — she was the only other person to comment there — gone gone gone.

I only hope he/she never knew the comments were there (they don't show on the "Edit Posts" page), and was just deleting a bunch of test posts, not being malicious.

But maybe this means Amonorzo's going to start posting! What will this blog be about? Music? Cars? Daily life? The migration habits of the Elegant Trogon? What?


andy said...

Actually his post is quite useful. Liz is going to be all over downloadable books.

monica said...

hey! Amonorzo posted that after my post! neat! finally!