new tunes

The other day while I was running errands, I noticed a bumper sticker on the Jeep in front of me. It read "KWRP, free-form radio." After blinking a few times to make sure it didn't actually say WKRP, I tuned in.

The KWRP website describes their music mix as
"eclectic... includ[ing] Americana, Alt-Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Classic Rock, and anything else that we think you will like to hear."

Some of the (very) few artists I've recognized are Elvis Costello, Madeline Peyroux, Reckless Kelly and Bob Dylan. Mostly it's crazy fun bluesy-country songs with titles like "Judas Iscariot Wants to Be in the Band." Sorry, no web streaming, but the website does track the day's playlist.

But what's most amazing is there are no commercials. From what I could dig up online about them, they do a "this hour sponsored by [whoever]" and that's it. I've been listening for over a week and have only heard one commercial (for Second Street Brewery — hey, I guess it works!). Seems like they started up in January of this year, and I have no idea how they're staying on the air with their sponsorship model, but I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

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