halloween party

Jett — from 7000 BC — and his roomate Marc threw a Halloween party last night, to which we were invited. Bram wore all black and went as Señor Muerto:

Jett and Marc rent a funky house, and since their other roomate (Tyrrell) moved out, they've converted his old room into a gallery. We got there a bit early, and so I helped Serena (Jett's girlfriend) with some of the setup. Serena was "dressed" as Nessie from Boneyard (yes, that's body paint + pasties — girl is brave!), and I took the easy way out and went as Jenny Sparks:

Marc told everyone he was "a Muppet Zapatista."

We'd been there an hour before Jett made his appearance — final tweaks to his costume — as the Bride of Frankenstein:

There was good food and munchies, including a pan of yummy mac + cheese from "Darryl" and "Earl." They cook pretty good, for construction machinery:


One of the hand-shaped candles that dripped red wax "blood"

Serena and her sister, Bride of... uh... Señor Muerto? Hey, I thought I was the bride of Señor Muerto!

And last, but not least, Serena's pygmy African hedgehog:


andy said...

I like the chick dressed like she's from star trek - original series.

jraphael said...

And I see M_. has AGAIN trotted out the Jenny Sparks costume.


monica said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... if it makes you feel any better, only one guy there (who didn't know me) figured it out.

Paul said...

C'mon, Mon! Where's your sense of adventure (and customary devotion to at least partial nudity)??? Isn't that what the internets are really all about?

monica said...

oh, please, Paul. Nobody wants to see that! Well, except maybe Bram, and only because he has to, seein as how we're married and stuff.