go Amonorzo!

Every one in a while, I hit the "next blog" button up there in the Blogger bar. Sadly, 8 times out of 10, it seems to pull up one of those non-blogs, filled with randomly-generated keywords, designed to increase traffic to some sketchy-sounding commercial venture. But eventually I'll hit actual blogs, written by actual people, and around the beginning of August, I came across this one.

As you can see, whoever was setting up the blog, was still in the "this-is-a-test-posting" phase, but what got me was that it was happening right then. I was witnessing the birth of someone's blog! I checked back on the 3rd, and! another new "test" posting! So I commented. Twice. (I decided later that my first post sounded too stern and/or could have used a smiley or something.) But since then, nada. I think I might have frightened him/her off.

Would anyone else want to post a comment? I think we should try to encourage Amonorzo to come back. This site is on my list of blogs I check every day, because now I can't help myself, and I HAVE TO KNOW how it turns out.


Deb said...

I posted a comment! See, I follow directions well, contrary to popular belief!

Sherry said...

OH Monica, that is too funny! Might be time to make another table, or start scrapbooking either of which would be better than stalking a blogger!

AJ said...

I got a gem last week using the NEXT BLOG link. You got to check out what some nun in Wisconsin has put together. I'm especially intrigued, when checking the Favorite Movies in the Blogger Profile.

monica said...

ha! all the sexy blogger chicks post to Amonorzo!

I know it's lame, but at least I'm not in that scrapbooking cult! ;)

I think you should see if Raph will discuss the redemption themes in Spiderman 2 with you... hey! maybe you 2 could start your own blog. I mean, now that CLUB 1640 is toast.

leslie c said...

M- Sherry was right! I can send you some scrapbook stuff to get going! I heard you are loving it out there in the desert. how are you filling your days?

dad m said...

Another family member in the Scrapbooking CULT would be too scary!