Saturday, Mountains

Saturday arrived; we were expecting a former neighbor from Colonial Village either Saturday or Sunday, and when he said he'd be through town on Sunday — after taking care of some stuff — we were left with a free afternoon.

Inspired by things like the picture from a few days ago, we drove up to the ski basin. It's about a 20-mile drive, elevation change of probably more than 3000'. Twists and turns, and though I've driven worse, I don't think I'll be taking the Golf Ball up there during the winter. Trailheads and overlooks on the way up:

You pass through national forest, state park, and then back to national forest (motto, from the sign, "Land Of Many Uses"). The state forest has a series of campsites and public use areas, and the centerpiece is an amazing lodge built by the CCC and recently restored:

It was being set up for a wedding reception as we were there.

The ski area seems to be administered as a part of the national forest by the Forest Service. The area was, of course, shut down, but you could just wander around and hike as you pleased. We weren't quite equipped for that on this trip, but did discover that the green areas we thought might be meadows from below were actually aspen. We'll be back in the fall:

Hey, we can see our house from here! Somewhere in there:

Evening, back home and off to a former co-worker's housewarming. A pleasant end to the day.


Sherry said...

The pictures are beautiful... may have to come visit!

monica said...

woo hoo!

...wait... isn't it, like, midnight there, Sherry?

Sherry said...

Please don't tell on me... know I was up past my bedtime=:) Since there hadn't been a blog posting in several days, was just checking before tucking myself in for the night. Look forward to your pictures, prose, and phunny comments. Hell, the blog is on my favorites bar. Must get a life... must get a life...