Santa Fe — The Next Marfa . . . ?

A column in The Santa Fe Reporter draws the comparison between Santa Fe and Marfa, Texas. I've been forwarded stories from The New York Times, The Hartford Courant, and The Wall Street Journal recently, all, in one way or another, talking about how much has changed in that little, out-of-the-way town. The art and design crowd has come in, along with big money, housing prices are out of control, and the way of life — at least the way of life residents have come to know in the past couple decades — has come to an end.

It was on a visit out to see Steffen at the Chinati Foundation years ago that we first "discovered" the West — an experience that ultimately led us here.

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andy said...

Am I the only one struck by the irony of someone complaining about the lack of affordable housing (which I defy anyone to define) and the presence of Walmart in the same sentance ? Don't they sorta of go hand in hand ?