Bad Weather Makes The Best Photos

Of course, out here, rain isn't considered "bad."


wrrshiper said...

After seeing your photos, especially the photos of the Aspen Trees, I am ready to move. It is beautiful. Where did you move from?

Sherry said...

OK... am coming out for a visit!

Bram said...

wrrshiper — We both grew up in New England, met at school in upstate New York, and spent more than a decade in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. We'd been visiting this area for years before moving this past spring.

Sherry — your itinerary is on its way.

Anonymous said...

When I first moved to AZ, I used to laugh at people who would stand out on their front step, looking up at the sky when clouds came in.

It will happen gradually... But soon, yes, very soon you will become "Rain Lookers" too!