Turn on the heat and relive the day!


jraphael said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys. Seems like just yesterday. It is about 20 degrees cooler today, however. Makes reliving the event that much more enjoyable.

Sherry said...

Happy Anniversary! Thought of going outside to sweat and remember the day.... decided against it. Will have a glass of Pims instead to celebrate the day!
You are loved!

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary Guys -- I will forever remember being part of that day -- and being the one to cause Bram to lose his composed demeanor. If only everyone in the world had as much love as the two of you - between each other and radiating from your family and friends. I will also never forget tissuing all that bug spray onto my face...and trying not to swat gnats during the ceremony...I love you!

monica said...

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

paul said...

Happy Anniversary! We were just looking at some of the photos last night.

Everyone says I was the prettiest bridesmaid!

gary said...

Three years?! Amazing...

A day I'll never forget...the best wedding ever!

Too many good things to list..among the notable:

- Bram's "it's about time" toast
- Monica & Bram's dancing exhibition
- The bridesmaids' "tissue-passing brigade"
- Theresa and the "fist of God"
- Every little thing that was just perfect

Happy Anniversary!!

monica said...

hee! technically, Dad, Theresa was the "Hammer" of god. But I suppose god would need a fist to hold his tools... :)

I remember your reading quite fondly, too.