Indian Market Looming

So, tomorrow starts Indian Market. We've already seen all sorts of arts events on the Plaza in our few months here. But, Indian Market — it (supposedly) brings in about 70,000 visitors which, if you received our moving announcement, you know will just about double the population of the city. We've been warned away, we've been given tips on how to attend. It's just that a lot of stuff has come up this weekend, and, well, we might not even have the time.

Wednesday, to celebrate the anniversary, we decided to head out on the town. Our new town. Back and forth over what to do — it seemed worthy of a Café Pasqual's kind of outing, but is that overdoing it? In the end, the Restaurant Fates sent us over to another favorite, The Shed. A wait, but, a hearty, spicy dinner. And, 'cause we parked across town, got to enjoy a nice little stroll through our new town (in the light rain) after.

Last night was a big planning kind of meeting for the local chapter of the AIGA. It was outside a local design firm, in a courtyard, a big friendly informal event. A bunch of us new folks were made to introduce ourselves, and I was one of three recent escapees from DC. Got a Joel Nakamura shirt for for my efforts, though. Headed out after to Second Street Brewery for a beer and some good conversation with some of my fellow attendees.


andy said...

What the hell is AIGA ? And who designs their web page.

You figure that somewhere on the home page or "about" section they would tell me what it stood for or meant. And these people champion "good design." Or is this an example of something so good that only specialist understand it - like a florida ballot ? Or an anti-Tufte ? Or just irony ? Inside joke ?

Ignorant non-designer

Bram said...

Hm. Stands for American Institute of Graphic Arts. Or maybe, it used to. I didn't quite notice that they don't explain it — I wonder if they're going the way of AARP and UPS who no longer acknowledge where their names came from . . .