Found Again

Don't even remember where this came from — Albertson's parking lot? — but just found it again during a bout of spring cleaning.


andy said...

a little confused. did you find yours or someone else list. Because this isn't healthy list. That's a lot of bacon. I've never eaten bacon at your house so it must be hidden around the house, one fo the signs of being a baconolic.

Bram said...

Yeah, sorry I wasn't clear. Actually took a break from cleaning to post this.

Found it a while (years?) back, at the Albertsons parking lot, I think (or could it even date back to Arlington?). Set aside to submit to Found or The Grocery List Collection. Instead, it wound up at the bottom of a pile of stuff on my nightstand.

It was probably a pretty great party.

And if you make it out in June -- all the bacon you want.

andy said...

72 sounds about right.