Visit from Bob + Claire, Birds

Bob and Claire are in town for the long weekend. Mostly visiting with family, so they're off in a whirlwind of activity; in fact, waiting around now to see what the afternoon's plans are.

But they did stop by for a visit yesterday afternoon, to see the house in the nice (well, at least not snowy) weather and meet the dog.

After they left, our evening's walk took us back across the river to Alto Park, where Birds in the Park had spent the day. This was the art installation I ran across a few weeks ago; we knew they were going in and had walked there in the morning to see them being set up, but forgot to take the camera.


Arrived as they were being packed up for today's appearance on Museum Hill, their last in Santa Fe.

Saturday was pretty rainy and dreary, a good day for chores inside the house. Sun occasionally peeked through, but the clouds always returned, if not the rain.

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