New Mexico Open 2008

Another September, another New Mexico Open, another day getting beat around by fencers half my age who train twice as much as I do (or at least actually train).

Not entirely true. I got beat by people who probably were within a few years of my age.

It all began at 6:00 this morning with my alarm going off, so I could make the 8:30 close of registration for Senior Foil at the venue at UNM. There's kind of an unspoken agreement among fencers at any given competition to not all show up two minutes before the registration closes, so that the competition can get underway in a timely fashion. I had time to stop off at Satellite Coffee (for some actual half-caffeinated coffee) and still make it with plenty of time to get my gear together and warm up.

And it was a beautiful drive, getting on the road in the barest light, and watching as the sun rose over the Sangres, then the Sandias jlajfladjflkjsa;lkjfl;akdsjflaksdj. Sorry. Just dozed off on the keyboard there. I didn't need my sunglasses until I exited in Albuquerque.

Did as well as I ever do, getting eliminated in the first round of direct elimination. But my last bout in the pools and that one in the direct elimination were good bouts, feeling good and pushing some.

Left me time to run some errands in town and still make it home at a respectable time.

Photo above is my teammate Tony (right). NMFF's coach is in Budapest with a couple of our nationally top-ranked kids for the Cadet World Cup.

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