All You Can Eat — ArtFest 2008


As you may have noticed in the post below, we spent yesterday at All You Can Eat — ArtFest 2008 at Warehouse 21, marking the third straight weekend we've hung out at the new Railyard.

One of Monica's co-workers was an organizer of the event, held in conjunction with High Mayhem, so we got a table for 7000 BC. Pete came up from Abq to help us out — which turned out to be pretty crucial, since we needed his pickup to haul around the tables and tent we borrowed, as well as the piles of books and stuff.

Event setup was any time after 10:00, starting at noon, right when the Farmers Market ended. We figured that, this being Santa Fe, there would be no rush. So, we had breakfast, visited, and headed over around 11:00. And were the second-to-last vendors there.

There was a fair crowd there, so we set up as quickly as we could. And then had to move our table and tent (and those of the rest of our row's) around a bit, but got it all together. Jamie showed up and spent the day there. We had some respectable traffic, a good time visiting; things were tapering off by around 4:00, around the same time the sky was looking threatening. Most of the other vendors were packed up or packing up by then, so we stuck around until about 5:00. Pete had to get home, but we had Jamie over for the evening; a little sitting by the fire, a little grilled salmon.

And Monica already pointed out the best shirt, but I got a photo of my favorite graphic seen all day:

On the door of a pickup truck that was parked kind of in an area that would lead you to believe it had to do with one of the events going on. A smart guy might've found someone to ask about it.

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