Santa Fe Convention Center

Turns out today was the public opening of the new Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Stopped by the festivities on the way home after work to check it out.


Most of the rooms were open for everyone to just kind of check out. And all the companies on the approved catering list were there serving snacks.

I'd been watching the building come together over the past couple years, it's right across the street from my office. It's a lot less massive than I'd feared, actually some pretty nice street frontage. And while I'm not sure of the need for a convention center in a town of around 70,000 with no major airport, in this day of increased travel cost and improving communications technology, the building's pretty nice, well thought-out, "Santa Fe Style" without being overdone.

Part of the plan is for it to really be a community center, accessible for local organizations and events. I guess there's some question if it will really be affordable and practical. But looking at it today, it's nice to hope.

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