Saturday in Santa Fe

A late start out on Saturday morning due to homemade cinnamon rolls, but we got on our bikes to visit the Farmers Market on its first Saturday in its new permanent home at the Railyard.


Huge. More than 100 vendors there, along the tracks, in a space out back, and inside in the main hall. And packed with people. I'd kind of hoped that now that the Market has a permanent, dedicated space, they'd extend the hours past noon, but I suspect it has more to do the the farmers' schedules. But after we picked up some tomatoes, basil, and chiles and were leaving as it was closing down, there were still crowds and shoppers arriving.


I'd been reading some about Man On Wire, at DesignObserver and the NYT, but when one of the producers was a guest on the Radio Café, she really made it sound like fun. We'd had thoughts of going over the long weekend, but it never worked out. Stacy mentioned something else we wanted to see at CCA, so caught it last night.

Really lives up to — and deserves the hype. You know how it's going to go, you know how it ends, even the spoilers in the articles I linked to (oops, sorry I didn't warn) can't ruin it. The whole idea of making it like a heist movie is a little gimmicky, the reenactments aren't intrusive. But the climax is just extraordinary; it's so much fun getting there, and then the actual moment is so powerful and beautiful, and the effect it has on everyone involved is truly moving.


And then we walked over to the gallery next to the theatre for the opening of the Love Armor Project. Stacy's mom Bernice has been working as one of the finishers for almost a year, bringing together pieces that had been knitted all over the world to form a "Humvee cozy."


Bernice, second from right, with other participants and the organizers.

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