New England Trip, Part 2

Day 5: Mystic; The Bells

M+D were up for it when, sitting around over breakfast, I said "Mystic Seaport."

And, so after getting some directions, off we went.

Can't think of the last time I've been there. It's kind of a pieced-together seafaring village, with buildings and ships from all around the region, giving a sampler of life during the heady days of the whaling/fishing industries in New England. Many of the structures and vessels were moved there from points around the area, showcasing the various methods of getting around on the water and the (not necessarily easy either) life on land. Had a great seafood lunch, poked in all sorts of exhibits, and saw the Charles W. Morgan in person (and heard stories of what live on a whaling ship was really like).

Soaking in the New England-ness of it all, with a nice breeze coming off the river on a picture-perfect* day. Caught the water taxi to round it out.

Stopped for homemade ice cream at a little roadside stand, 'cause you can do that in New England.

At home, we decided to head into the carillon concert at Trinity College, a mainstay of summer Wednesday evenings. Packed up a dinner, met up with some friends of M+D's, and hung out on the lawn. Wandered inside after a bit, a nostalgic tour of the spaces John and I used to clamber around, and ran into Classic Monica. Visited for a bit, then continued on.

Note: in the below photo, there's the resident red hawk up in the spires.

* Somewhere in here, realized I'd forgotten the cable to connect the camera to the computer to download images, limiting me to around 42 shots for the trip.

Day 6: Thwarted at the Wadsworth; More Old Stomping Grounds

Into the Wadsworth Athaneum, the site of many "forced culture" outings in my youth. Now, it's all remembered fondly, and a kind of magical place where galleries opened into other galleries and you never knew what was around the corner, though it all looked vaguely familiar.

Since I've moved away, I've realized what an amazing collection they have. So I wanted to explore it more — but mostly I wanted to see one of my favorite paintings, Max Ernst's Europe After the Rain II.

It was, however, removed to make space for a temporary exhibit. So I strolled the (reconfigured) galleries, visiting some old "friends," sometimes newly recognizing the names attached to them (hey, John Singer Sargeant, no wonder I always like that one).

M+D were off on some errands, so I headed to the local comic shop I used to frequent, Heroes & Hitters — still around after 15+ years.

For dinner, rounded up with some Les and the kids, Amanda and Will, and G for dinner at a Chinese buffet M+D are fans of. Got to visit some and fill up on (guaranteed MSG-free) "traditional" Chinese food, something I haven't done for ages.

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