Bubonicon 39

Update below.

Peter and Paul had picked the inventory of the group's work from us on Friday and made it to the show in time to do a little setup. Jamie joined us later in the morning, and Jeff arrived a little later. Among that group, we worked the table, some folks headed off to check out the panels. We visited with the vendors around us and had a great time. Traffic seemed lighter (and there were fewer people in costume) than last year, but sales were impressive — it's shaping up to be the most successful show for the group, and for Raised By Squirrels.

We wrapped up Saturday evening, hung out for a bit, then headed off to (at Jeff's suggestion) a pretty amazing dinner at Thai House. Great food, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Got to have a leisurely dinner and all catch up some. Monica and I stayed at Paul and Beth's newly purchased house (Beth was away for the weekend), along with Peter. Stayed up a bit too late visiting.

To Owl Cafe for breakfast, then a dash to the show. We hadn't planned to staying too long, but wound up lingering. We were having a good time, making some sales (including to folks who had bought the first volume last year; gratifying). Headed out a bit after 1:00.

Stopped by the Apple store store on the way.

Update. Just noticed that the first paragraph of this got dropped somewhere along the line, probably in placing that top photo. It went something like:

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to head to Bubonicon 39. We had staffed the 7000 BC table on Saturday last year and had a pretty great time, though sales were kind of slow (but later found out that Sunday's sales really picked up). We grabbed some donuts for our fellow hucksters and drove to Albuquerque to be there when it opened.

but it was much better, as I put more time into it instead of just trying to quickly post this.

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