New England Trip, Part 1

Day 1: Traveling to Logan Airport

Uneventful and close enough to on-time. Met at the airport by Andy and the girls, back to their house. BBQ dinner.

Day 2: Makin' Comics with Maddy; Wegman

Slept in, joined the familly for a big breakfast. Then spent the morning working with Maddy on making her comic, The Angry Squirrel (I had nothing to do with the naming, but I suspect there was some coaching beforehand).

Josie dressed up in shiny clothes and hung out with us.

Then, loaded everyone up and headed to the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy, where there was an exhibit of mostly recent work by William Wegman.

A lot of paintings and other non-photographic work, but also a number of the Weimaraner pictures for which he is so well known — including a room of the large-format Polaroids, which featured a few of his Man Ray images. It was interesting to see such a broad range, but best to see some of those dog photos up close.

A good permanent collection of American Impressionist and other American art, so spent some time walking through those galleries. And then there was a gallery of tall ship models, with insanely detailed rigging. Below, that's the Charles W. Morgan; you'll be seeing more of that later.

Stopped for homemade ice cream at a little roadside stand, 'cause you can do that in New England. Then continued on to dinner.

Day 3: Closed Mondays; On Freedom's Trail

After reading this article about the Institute for Contemporary Art, I had to go see it. Andy was going to suggest that for Monday, so off we went.

You know from the title where this is going.

As we parked, the gray turned to gray and rain, the wind picked up. We dashed to the amphitheater area to check that, and the view, out.

I actually kinda liked the gray and rain. Looking out over the Boston Harbor, a stiff, but not cold, breeze. The rain quickly tapered off to a driving mist. It was all just so New England-y.

We grabbed some seafood at a shack on the pier for lunch, then headed over into the city.

We picked up the Freedom Trail and followed that through historic Boston. Just strolling, catching up. Rain stopped, and it started to get a bit warm.

At home, wrapped up The Angry Squirrel and made travel plans for the next day.

Day 4: To Hartford and Stew's

Hopped the T with Andy in the morning, continued on to the bus station and got on the bus for Hartford. Finished off Wonder Boys — having enjoyed it a great deal — and then just listened to music and watched the landscape go by, as I would do back in college, visiting Andy at spring break.

M+D met me at the Hartford station. And immediately took me off to Stew Leonard's — for groceries for the week, but also to show it off.

Fun place; lots of samples, good fresh food. Kind of like Wegmans, with more of a farm theme and with animatronics.

Met up with G in the afternoon, and she treated us to a Polish dinner at Tatry. Oh, the bigos. Everybody's meal was egregiously large, but I couldn't stop eating mine.

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