Attack of the Neighbor Cat

A friend was over a few months back and, noting the proliferation of cats around our yard, asked us, "do you have cats?" In retrospect, the answer we should have offered was: "if by 'have cats', you mean it like 'do you have pet cats?' then the answer is no; if you mean it like 'do you have an infestation of termites?' then the answer is yes."

We have several cats that roam the neighborhood, our yard, and occasionally try and get into our house. At first, they seemed to be using a corner of the yard as a litter box, but that stopped once we took up residence. We still generally try and shoo them away; being cats, even when they do go away, they make it seem like it was their idea.

This morning we're heading out; Monica's getting in her car and I'm locking up the door. She tosses some stuff in the back seat and I hear a yell of surprise. I look up as she shouts "cat!" and Overly Friendly Neighbor Cat jumps out of the car window that had been open overnight. It looked, from the large pile of fur in the back seat, that he had spent the night.

Attempting to chase him out of the yard, he retreated a few feet and laid down.

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