house pix update... kind of

While I was visiting family in NC last weekend, I promised to post some new house photos. As you'll see, we haven't made a whole lot more progress unpacking. Instead, here's more of a virtual-type tour. My group!

Here's the view from the foyer into the original part of the house, which we sometimes refer to as "the north wing." Because we're nerds.

Immediately to your right, you will find the dining area, with the kitchen next to it. The sliding doors in the dining room and the kitchen windows both face east, into the backyard. As you can tell from the retinal-searing amounts of sunlight, I took these photos in the morning.

To the left of the dining area is the living room. If you were sitting on our couch, this is what you'd see: on your left, the window facing the street (west); one of Jim's lovely shelving units; the teevee, partially obscured by; the red chair; the closet door; the hallway, sporting a; stylish little fan; and the office beyond.
[click for larger]

Making your way down the hall, the first room on the left is the guest room. It's on the corner, with one window facing the street (west) and one facing our next-door neighbor's house (north). This room is also known as "the one with all the boxes and crap we haven't put away yet."

All right, move it along, nothing to see.

Next is the office. I hung the "Silence" poster this weekend, cleaned up, and filed a bunch of paperwork. Including our individual and joint tax returns going back to 1991. Why is it that one sheet of paper weighs nothing, yet a box full of paper is so heavy that not even light can escape its gravitational pull? Why?? Sorry, I digress.
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The office windows face the neighbor (north) and the backyard (east). Next to the office, and the last room off the hallway, is the bathroom. Yes, I know the shower curtain doesn't match the tile. Shut up! The window faces the backyard.

Back into the living room, and facing the couch, with the door to the foyer next to the other shelf from Jim. That's it for the north wing. Onward to the converted garage!
[click for larger]

Here's the view, from the foyer, down a mysterious, blurry hallway. Be not afraid! Enter!!

To your right is the room we sometimes call "the other room with all the boxes and crap we haven't put away yet" or "the fireplace room" or "the library." Window faces the other neighbor (south).

So where's the fireplace? That's it there, the dark, curved thingus, behind the mirror. As is the style here in Santa Fe, there's a built-in bench (called a banco) in front of the fireplace, so the hearth is raised up about two feet off the floor. Not that you can see any of that, what with the junk in the way. The back of the fireplace faces the street. It's where the garage door used to be.

And where are the books in this so-called "library" you ask? Why right here! It's our remaining pieces of Ikea Akrobat shelving! And, yes, they're mostly full of graphic novels. I blame you, Raphael!

Back to the blurry hallway. The double doors on the left hide the washer + dryer.

Next room on the right is the "master bath." The stepstool is in the shower because I've been stripping the water-damaged varnish off the wood window and window frame. The plan is to tung-oil the heck out of it, then hire a contractor to build the wall out (in? I mean away from the window), so that it's more recessed, and have the shower tiled (it's peeling, painted concrete now). First step is me doing the window, for some reason. Window faces south. Still no mirror(s). Makes putting my contacts in more fun that way. Also, the gold-tone fixtures...? Gotta go.

Our bedroom is at the end.

We figure this little alcove-ey bit was added on to the back of the garage when the place was renovated. Widows face north, east, and south!! Sun's up! Why are you still sleeping??

There are sliders opposite the foot of the bed that face north, out onto the patio. So bright! Go into the light!

Wait, let me adjust the exposure so you can see better. There you go:

Next time: the yard.


Raphael Della Ratta said...

Wow, that was a great tour of your slice of the ecotome that is Santa Fe. Now I don't need to visit (joking, of course).

I like the adobe-ness of the master-bath shower, but yeah, windows in shower zones are dicey, dicey things.

The view out to the well-manicured lawn beckons. I eagerly await the yard tour. I want close-ups of edging, planting types, and a discussion fo mowing patterns.

You see: I have a sense of grass.

pagalina said...

thanks for the tour!! cool house!

monica said...

The "adobe-ness" of everything in Santa Fe is pretty hard to avoid. It's the ORANGE!-ness of the shower/bathroom that I'm not so keen on.

Windows in showers are really nice, during good weather. You can open them up for light + air (and leave them open to dry out). In the winter, not so much. This also assumes your neighbors don't have a view into said window.

The "well-manicured lawn" is actually scraggly and full of weeds! Stay tuned for this and other shocking secrets from the Meehans' yard!!!!

Sherry said...

Uuummm..... the guest room isn't looking so inviting yet. You are on the list of people to visit=:) Loved the "tour" though and can't wait till I get to visit!

Bram said...

Sherry! Hope your recovery's going well. Send an email. You know the address.

Girl Please! said...

beautiful home!!! i LOVE your hutch in the dining room. where did you get it?

Bram said...

We got the hutch at the now-defunct (I think, 'cause it's certainly not these folks) Workbench Furniture.

In the old condo (and, kind of here, as well), we needed it to store the sorts of things that normally fit in the kitchen. And you wouldn't believe how hard it was finding that piece in a modern style, not all olde and rustic. That's why we kept it stored in Virginia and had it shipped out when we got the house.

paulbob said...

Can't wait to see all of the pointy-pokey things in the front yard! That's what makes the desert so fun, even the plants want to hurt you!