The New Indie One-oh-one-five

At Pancakes on the Plaza, the new folks behind Indie 101.5 FM (who are the same ones behind Blu 102.9) were announcing their presence. This means the demise of the station that we've been listening to since Monica found it a few months back. It's still a pretty eclectic mix, and it seems like I might actually hear some of the music the hip kids are listening to these days instead of just reading about it, but I worry that it's not going to have the same local flavor (as in the recently mentioned Joe West). The new Indie 101.5 site isn't quite finalized, so the playlist's still at the old KWRP one.

Also: we have some iTunes credits to use by the end of the month. Any suggestions?


andy said...

Johnny Cash..Keb Mo..Whiskeytown...sounds like you'll get plenty from the country/blues side of things.

Sherry Gardner said...

Second that vote on the Keb Mo! Saw him at Wolftrap on July 3rd and he was awesome!