Back in NM

We returned from our week-long trip in Southern California on Sunday. Still trying to figure out the best way to share our 200+ photos, but here's a rundown of what we did:

Saturday Arrived into San Diego and promptly headed north to Los Angeles. Hardly any traffic in our direction, up the Pacific Coast Highway (which really isn't that scenic at all). Met up with Emi, Steffen, and Isa for a coffee and walk around their neighborhood, marveling at all the green.

Sunday Wandered around downtown Hollywood, by our hotel, for a bit. Met up with Emi, Steffen, and Isa and headed out to the recently reopened Getty Villa. Lunch there, and then a couple hours among the artifacts and around the grounds. We were on our own for dinner, so found a barbecue joint.

Monday Went to visit Steffen at the Hammer and to check out the Société Anonyme show, which was a pretty amazing collection of some of the most influential Modern artists. Lunch at the best vegan I've ever had (the secret: it's all fried). We said our goodbyes — they're moving to Montreal, but spending a couple months in Düsseldorf first — then swung by Amoeba Music, then went up by the Griffith Observatory for a hike that gave us a view of the sprawling city.

Tuesday At the Getty Center when it opened, took architecture and garden tours, never really making it inside, just enjoying the buildings and the grounds. Then we hit the road east to Palm Springs. When we arrived there in the late afternoon, the air temperature was 113°, the pool was 91°. And, trying to sit poolside in the evening, discovered that it doesn't really cool off that much after sunset.

Wednesday Joshua Tree National Park, where we asked the ranger for suggestions for things to do in the park that wouldn't kill us. After the orientation video, he sent us to a few spots that were short walks or overlooks that we traveled to in our air-conditioned car. It actually was cooler up there, breezier, and all quite pretty. Afternoon, recovering around the hotel and pool.

Thursday Left Palm Springs in the morning, which got us into the San Diego area around noon. Parked at Qualcomm Stadium, took the trolley into the Convention Center for the San Diego Comic-Con. Spent a few hours there, registering and getting an overview. Dinner that evening at the home of Chris, a friend from college, and his family.

Friday The Con. All day. It's really, really, really big.

Saturday Met up with Chris and his family (and some of his kids' friends) for an afternoon at the beach at Coronado. I spent a fair amount of time in the water, attempting to bodysurf, but just getting battered around. Unseasonably warm, we were told, but the water was the usual colder than you'd think. We went our separate ways to clean up, but met back up with Chris for dinner at a little cafeteria-style Thai place (one with Chihulys on ledges all around), a stroll around the waterfront and some picture-taking, and back to his place to sit outside and visit some more.

Sunday Back to Santa Fe.

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jraphael said...

Look at all the people dressed normally in the background. Your picture is like the anti-G4 coverage.


Word verification: spxlych. definition: what the San Diego con was 20 years ago.