topics of choice

Seated outside at Birds for dinner tonight (across from a big Mind Head center), enjoying watching the valet parking guys. $3.50 for them to back your BMW SUV 40 feet further down the block, parallel parked in front of the next restaurant. Excellent.

They also had a piece of paper taped to the side of their mobile podium/ops center. Didn't get a good photo, so copied it down instead:

Topics of Choice
1. Relationships
2. Children
3. Family
4. Relatives
5. Dating
6. Workplace
7. Driving — Flying
8. Friends
9. Music
10. Bosses
11. *Sex
12. Technology
13. Fashion Faux Paux [sic]
14. Gym
15. Political views

*Have fun with it!


Paul said...

I'll have sex for $200, Alex! Wait, that didn't sound right...

Sherry Gardner said...

Oh paul!!! Knew you were easy.... but cheap too!
(she typed praying that this is Paul D.!)

Paul said...


Hey, $200 is some real money! That's like two tanks of gas.

Yes, Paul D:)