Barn Raising

The New Mexico Fencing Foundation is leaving the Genoveva Chavez Community Center. We've leased space in a light industrial building off Cerrillos. There was work to be done to prepare for opening (hopefully at the beginning of September), so we headed over yesterday to help — not really knowing what was involved.

The big project was installing the floor — a raised wood floor, about 24' x 40' for fencing. We arrived soon after work had begun on it, around 1:30. There were a dozen, more at times, other fencers, parents, and relatives there helping out. We kept on going and pushed through to finish it, wrapping around 10:00. Monica was also working on the doors and lights.

[click for larger]


Plywood over a 2' grid of two-by-fours, all stuck down with our new favorite construction timesaver, Liquid Nails, and secured with wood screws. It's solid, but will be easier on the knees than the concrete floor. Apologies for the poor quality of that last picture showing the finished product; the camera doesn't like low light under the best of circumstances, but looks like there's some water on the lens (from our day at the beach, still working on getting the photos from the trip posted) — it's not really that spooky looking.

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