guest room in progress

Oh, hi there! Long time, no see! Let's do a home decor-type blog post, shall we?

Back in 2007, we put the home office in the room in the northeast corner of the house at the recommendation of our electrician, because it was the only one with grounded outlets. This past October, Bram had the outlets in the junk/guest room grounded, and the day after Thanksgiving we began The Great Room Migration (see that post below from November).

Real estate listing photo, February 2007
I'm only just now noticing that they totally Photoshopped out the breaker box!
... AND the outlet under it!

May 2007

June 2007

Looky here! It's a mood board-type thing! I'm a nerd.

[click to embiggen]

1 walls Behr Garden Wall 730D-4 | trim Behr Swan Wing WF-400

2 artwork from the collection, clockwise from top left | watercolor c.2005 by Jamie Chase | collotype c.1990 | two monoprints on aluminum litho plates c.1990 by Albert Fung | Public Theater poster for Silence, Cunning Exile by Paula Scher | painting 1998 by Joey M. Robinson | painting c.1970 by Ange Banko

3 old Ikea linen curtains c.1997 | BlindsMax Timber SolarVue Solar shades - M screen in Deco Flagstone D249

4 Room & Board Hudson Storage Bed | wall-mounted nightstands by James Holmes | old Ikea lamps c.2000

5 silk and wool quilted throw | Fabrics-Store.com 4C22 100% Heavyweight Linen in Mix Natural | FCO Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

6 FLOR Carry A Torch in Ebony

November 2016
Painting over the Thanksgiving long weekend

January 2017
New FLOR carpet tiles and bed

February 2017
New mattress; old bedside lamps; sorting through art to hang (welcome back Silence)

Remaining artwork framed/re-framed, added proper hanging hardware, hung; repaired shades for bedside lamps

March 2017
Sewed linen duvet cover + pillowcases; new pillows; installed blind + curtains on one window — had to stop when inanimate objects began conspiring against me

April 2017
Installed blind + curtains on second window; neatened up

Mr. Holmes is currently making the little wall-hung nightstand boxes. Other than hanging those when they're done, the room just needs a few more housekeeping-type things done (clear out those boxes, re-orient the marble-top, find a home for the wicker chest), so I'll end this post here.

I'll see about doing a full-on, prepped-for-guests reveal post with better pix later. Like maybe in July? ... Stacy??


Stacy said...

It looks fantastic! I look forward to test driving it!

monica said...

We'll keep a light on for you. ❤️