vote early, vote often

So, I'm sure all our crafty friends out there have heard about Spoonflower, right? For those not in the know, it's a website/service that lets you design and print/sell your own fabric (suck it, N+A!). They also host weekly (hence the name) "Fabric of the Week" design contests.

So, who wants to vote for my fabric design (at right, there) that's currently in the running for this week's contest?

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 7 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your votes on the last page. Any and all votes are appreciated!

UPDATE: Well, I didn't win, but I did make the top 10! Woo hoo! Number 8! Thanks for voting, everyone.


Page H. said...

nice pattern! one of the nicest ones in that contest. I knew naked and angry was dying, but it annoys me that I can't delete my profile there. good luck!

monica said...

Pagey! Yeah, I gave up on N+A when I constantly got errors on log in. I KNOW MY PASSWORD, DANGIT! And exactly, I wish I could delete my profile+patterns there.

I did send them an email requesting that they remove certain patterns that I wanted to retain for my own personal use, per the terms+conditions, but they never did anything.