Ren Fair

Renaissance Fair time of year again; we went that first time, then skipped the next two even though GCNM and Greyhome have a presence there, so we get in for free and get to bring our dog. Last year was awfully busy in September, plus we didn't have a thing to wear. This year, though, with preparations and planning, we were ready to take the hound for an afternoon at Las Golondrinas.

Thing was, it was brutally hot on Sunday. We were in a nice, large, covered portal kind of thing, but venturing out into the sun was pretty rough. But we did, for a bit, wandering down the hill to the creek to check out the dueling, Celtic feats of strength. And meet another rescue.

Checked out the vendors, grabbed some snacks, took in the sights. Mostly, though, sat in the shade and let the Ren Fair visit us. Including a visit from La Reina, a big fan of the hounds.

When the other couple there packed up their dogs, we stuck around for another hour or so. Sitting in the shade, visiting with Jon and Susanne, winding down.

Getting Cheyenne out proved to be difficult; I think she got so comfy in the cool dirt that heading out onto the hot stones made her balk like it was a thunderstorm. All we could do to get her to the entrance, where I had to pull the car around. Again. But did make it to clean up, change, and back out to spend the evening at Jon and Susanne's.

Update: Santa Fe Reporter's posted a slideshow, looks like from the same day we were there. Warning: music and no obvious way to mute it.

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