One for Two

Letting Cheyenne out Friday night before bed, there was the sound of a scuffle in the bushes, the stench of skunk, and a bleeding dog limping towards us. Her injury turned out to be minor* and the skunking not even as bad as last time, but the hydrogen peroxide was running low and the novelty had worn off. Appropriate end to a long week.

I mean, it's tough to fault her. That's the deal we cut, millennia ago: they hunt things for us, protect our den; in exchange, we give them food and a place to sleep (and when needed, as Stacy pointed out, pajamas).

Saturday, after listening to Rocque on Gardens, Food & Santa Fe and finally catching Stacy's show, a day of gettin' stuff done. Monica wrapping up her Ren Fair outfit and making a fall/spring-weight pajamas for the dog. Me, becoming the thing I long despised, out in the front yard with a (rented) leafblower. The blog post I've been writing in my head for months about the unexpected difficulty of maintaining a rock yard in the middle of the desert just keeps getting longer and more complicated.

Evening, we were hosting comics creators John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver on, as it turned out, their last night of a three-plus-week-long road trip** promoting their books. Just in Albuquerque for the day, but the toll of all the travel was evident when we saw them. Burgers around the fire and an early night.

This morning, Kevin joined us for breakfast, then everyone off to True Believers for the presentation. Some friends and fans, then sent John and Noah homeward.

* From the look of things, scraped on something in pursuit.

** Covering the country in segments; I think John said he's logged around 20k miles this year. Ladies and gentlemen, the hardest-working cartoonists …

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