Non. Stop. Party.

OK, not really. But it's been a whirlwind blast of a long birthday weekend, a welcome break from last and this week. Work and travel ran late Friday, but it was an epic night from True Believers. As noted, Farmers Market and much loafing around Saturday before a nice dinner out at the bar at Ristra and usage of the Borders coupon to get current on Ex Machina before it concludes. Sunday, well, was chore-ful (tiring, but gratifying) and an end-of-summer cookout with Stacy, Jim — and for the first time at our house, Bernice:

Prepared with layers and the firepit, the former of which was only barely needed and the latter not at all, with a warm, cloudy evening. This morning, quick bagel breakfast and a couple hours on the Chamisa trail (top), then home and wrapping up a little stuff that needed doing, soundtrack provided by Zoltar's latest podcast. Dinner out with James and back here for a bit, cake before he had to head back to work.

Now, done posting, Imma read that new comic.


I've always really liked September and autumn, especially here. Problem is that it's followed by winter.

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