It Takes a Village to Prune Our Apricot

Rocque recommended we talk to Tracy at Green Forward about pruning the apricot out front that's trying to take over the driveway and block the gate to the side yard. He was happy to not only come out and get it under control, but also teach us (and by us, I mean Monica) how to prune it and manage it in the coming years, since it looks like it'll be a couple-year process getting it growing the way we want.

Neighbor Bill got in on it, too, since it's doing the same thing over on his side. Turns out, it's a volunteer, probably 10+ years old. Every year since we've been here, the frost has pretty much killed off the buds.

A beautiful, early spring day to do it, too. Calling for snow tomorrow.

Then, this afternoon, working on taxes and new cover for RBS. Post on last weekend's Austin trip to STAPLE! further delayed. Con photos here.

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