This Saturday is E-Waste day, so we're going to be getting rid of some outdated, broken electronics. Including the old computers.

The clamshell iBook from 2000 that got us out here … the first-generation G4 that Sherry passed along before we moved. We upgraded and kludged and got a lot of use out of them, even casting the laptop as the internet radio. But they've been sitting in the closet for a couple years; during the lost weekend a while back, pulled them out for one last chance. In the interim, the laptop's screen died, and technology had advanced so much that passing these along to someone would just mean more work for them. Found that they were so outdated that you couldn't even reliably wipe the drives.

So, tonight, disassembled them to pull the hard drives. Maybe a bit paranoid, but brought 'em out front and gave them a couple whacks with the hammer. Good machines, shame they went out that way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like a lot of work!