Stacy's mom Bernice moved out here a few years after Stacy's father passed away. She's a great person, a ton of fun, full of great stories, doing all sorts of volunteer work and finding her place in Santa Fe — but was never a dog person. We didn't hold it against her when she wanted nothing to do with Cheyenne. Never had a dog, never saw the point, didn't quite get it.

After a weekend dogsitting for Stacy and Jim's (Jim's, really) dog Brenda Lee — an exemplary example of caninehood — last fall, she saw that she had a place for a dog in her life. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter has a Seniors for Seniors program, where adoption fees are waived for senior dogs and their people. Jim, who's a total dog person, has been taking Bernice to the shelter for a couple months, helping her look for the right dog.

Last week we got to meet Peanuts, a total sweetie. Ten years old, a little kisser, she's friendly, obedient, and she and Bernice have taken to each other without any problems. Supposedly has some Australian Shepherd in her, but clearly something else as well; smart, too, but not not the kind of smart that gets her in trouble.


Hung Tim's painting a while back on a gray, dreary, blah weekend. Monica also did a bunch of work on Stacy's site. I accomplished just about nothing.

Had some snow around this time last week ...

... and there's occasional storms blowing in here and there. But it's feeling like spring to me. No longer that winter harshness.

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That was lovely!