Pulitzer Book Launch

Our friend James McGrath Morris, author and proprietor of Santa Fe Literary News, launched the book and book tour for his new biography of Joseph Pulitzer last night at Collected Works. It's is a pretty big deal, this 576-page book from Harper Collins is six years in the making and draws upon original source material that was unavailable to previous biographers (much of it excavated by Jamie).

He began with a reading from the prologue that sets the stage for the saga to come, and then presented anecdotes that didn't make it into the book — ones that gave some background on his process and others that gave a real feel for what was going on at the time. This was an era when newspapers mattered, when they had the power to mobilize a new immigrant population, to make and break politicians. This is the time of the battles with Hearst for the reading public, one that all students of journalism (including me, in a small way) look back on with amazement.

A glimpse of what Jamie's presentation was like at Santa Fe Radio Cafe and at Santa Fe Reporter. Or you can check him out on tour, if he can make it into DC.

In other news, been playing with a fun Java app (just download and launch) that creates a diagram of what your mouse is doing; this is the laptop over about the last 24 hours:

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Jim said...

I found another site that does a forensic analysis of mousepath patterns. This one says "On the internet no one knows that you are a dog."