Camera Obscura

Took a little bike ride out this afternoon. Monica wasn't well and gas has, as of this weekend I think, topped $3.50/gallon. It was a cool day, but sunny and warm enough if you keep moving.

The organizer of Camp Obscura had, in celebration of World Wide Pinhole Day (hope you were participating, Chris), set up a camera obscura at a music studio in town.

Basically, a little hole in a blacked-out window projected everything that was happening outside into the room. Not just onto the opposite wall, but the ceiling, the floor, all the walls. Varying degrees of sharpness, of color, depending on how small the hole was (it was adjustable) and all upside down.

A car projected into the corner of the room:

And the organizer demonstrating how, if you held a board closer to the hole, you could pick up more, sharper and with more vibrant color, though distorted:

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dori said...

really like these! Makes me want to make one, though all I have of the necessary equipment is the empty oatmeal container. Do darkrooms even exist anymore?