Show Opening

Not many posts recently, mostly 'cause there's not been much to post. There was some not-wellness for a while there, and then the boring stuff of life that's not worth writing about.

There was hanging about at True Believers for Free Comic Book Day, trying to give away copies of the group's new anthology. And we did spend a nice afternoon outside at J+J's, watching Audrey. Who doesn't like a picture of Audrey? Such a good dog.

Last night, went up to Museum Hill to Museum of Indian Arts and Culture for the preview party for Comic Art Indigène, an exhibit Monica's been working on (her, below, with the exhibit designer).

It's, unfortunately, kind of a small show. But the curator did a terrific job of pulling together connections between comics and native art, from the historical to the contemporary, that really show some interesting (and not always obvious) influences along with the wonderful art. Runs until January of 2009, so there's plenty of time to schedule a trip to see it.

Google it, and you'll find coverage all over the Web. But locally, The Santa Fe New Mexican has an article on the exhibit, and The Santa Fe Radio Café interviewed the curator.


andy said...

Pueblo Spiderman rocks.

andy said...

What will your costumes be for opening/contest ?

Bram said...

Missed the opening — in a spectacular bit of poor planning, the 7000 BC meeting was in Abq that day. So Monica didn't have to pull out the Jenny Sparks costume.

It's a shame there's no exhibition catalog. But you'll get to see Pueblo Spiderman and the even cooler stuff — will still be up next year.