The Annual Andy

'Round about this time last week, we were hosting Andy on what's become an annual work trip/weekend in Santa Fe. He arrived without incident on Thursday night, we got some dinner at Zia, spent some time visiting, and then packed him off for the night in the Aero Bed.

Friday morning…and the Aero Bed had a leak overnight. Leaving Andy up first, though not particularly rested. I'd taken the day off but Monica went off to work; we got out the gaffer's tape and patched the hole, reinflated the bed, and headed out for breakfast. Burritos, cause we were in for a big day up in Los Alamos.

Started out at The Black Hole, kicked around there for a while, poking around all the cool equipment. Thinking about buying a panel of toggle switches and just installing it somewhere in the house. Flick switches on and off, y'know, act like it controls secret stuff. There was a movie production team there, gathering up all sorts of things into a big van.

Then up to the Caldera, the trail at the edge that leads down. Temperatures were in the 60s, it was a bit overcast. Still some snow on the ground as we got higher — and on the trail as we set out.

I anticipated as much, but also figured it would be packed down. And it was. Mostly. Enough to go a dozen or so steps before dropping through, up to the knee so that the granular snow leaked into your boots. Yeah, it was slow going, but pretty cool when we made it to the end.

Some lunch there, and off to Bandelier. We had time, but not a lot, so we kind of did a whirlwind tour of Frijoles Canyon and a dash up the ladders to the kiva up in the cliffs.


On the road, back home to pick up Monica, and then a hot soak at Ten Thousand Waves. We got the same tub as when Bob and Claire visited. And, though it was cool once the sun set, it relatively warm once you were in the tub for a while. Warm enough to try the cold plunge a couple times. Dinner downtown at San Francisco Street Bar and Grill, then home for more socializing. We found the old patch kit for the bed, pulled the tape off, and fixed it up.

Saturday morning…the bed had popped another leak. So a trip to get a new bed was clearly in order, but other than that, we had no plans. Started off the morning slowly, but then Andy wanted to check out Jackalope — and see about getting us a fire pit as a housewarming present that we could all enjoy that evening. Though we had fun at Jackalope, we found out they didn't have fire pits. Neither did another local store. But Target did, along with a new air mattress.

The rest of the afternoon, then, was some errands, some walking around the neighborhood, and then getting set up outside for the evening. Made some carnitas tacos, had some margaritas and cigars, an stayed outside enjoying the fire well into the night.

The new air mattress held up. Some breakfast, then off to the airport. Some delays, so we stuck around, but Andy made it out and home.

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andy said...

Bram failed to mention that while we actually ate no mexican food out, his carnitas were better than any we've ever had in Santa Fe. From now on, we eat in!