Weekend That Was

Friday, had a gathering to get to later in the evening, but that left us some time after work. Luckily it was the opening of Pushpin Show. It's in the big conference room in the building where Monica works; she'd seen it after the opening (at a meeting) last year; this year, decided we'd hit the opening.

It's open to all artists, no fees, just need to be able to hang your art with pushpins. So Monica scanned a doodle she had on her bulletin board, filled out the form, and hung it.

We spent some time kicking around the show. It's a small space and it was plenty crowded. Definitely one of the best pieces was a small sketchbook, architectural drawings from a trip to Europe. Put me in the mind of architect's drawings from decades ago, when they would do the "grand tour" of classical building. That one's on the left; another one of my favorites was the woodblock (?) prints on kites, off to the side in that middle one (click for larger).


Some other good stuff. And it turned out Jett, Serena, and Poualie all had pieces in there.

Off to a farewell gathering for Bob and Laura, returning to Maine and their families. Below, with the painting Danny did for them.

Saturday morning, cleaning and chores and such. Then we drove down to Albuquerque for Paul's birthday party.

It was an 80s theme. He usually doesn't dress like Mark Knopfler in the "Money for Nothing" video. And I'm (pretty) sure that 1984 and Rio are not part of their regular decor.

Somewhere along the line, one of Paul's friends brought Rock Band and all the instruments needed to hook up to the TV out in the garage. Monica got into it, I tried once (and failed, bringing my band down) within about a minute. So I just watched.

And you can see how exciting that was. There's the girl group rock band … with all the energy of a bunch of folks concentrating on a screen and trying to press the right buttons.

Today, Monica's been working on the new Raised By Squirrels; I spent some time putting together a new project for 7000 BC; more later on that.

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