Yeesh, a week later. Catching up on posting. There's even another new one below, more current than this.

We drove over to Jett/Serena/Poalie's around 7:00 last Thursday. We'd brought sandwiches, we visited and met Patrick and Mina, who joined us for the evening. Around 8:00 we started out, which meant we were walking to Fort Marcy by around 8:10.

That got us through the ticket checkers, security, and onto the field around 8:40 — just as they turned off the lights. Perfect timing. Wound through the crowd for a bit and found a nice open space for all of us in the middle. Settled in to watch.

There was the lead-up, the dancers, the fireworks. There was socializing and yelling "burn him!"

And then around 9:00 they lit his head, a departure from previous years.

It is all over pretty quickly — great and luminescent as he burns up and the falls into a heaping bonfire.

We lingered for a bit, visiting with other folks on the field and waiting for the exits to clear, then headed over to the party that Monica went to last year. The pies were pretty well picked over, but there was this amazing blueberry . . . thing. Kinda like a big muffin. And then we discovered another one of them, untouched.

Snacked for a while then decided, even though it was much better than last year's experience, it was time to go. Walked back to the car, and off home.

An awful lot of fun, that Zozobra.

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